We will list only few possibilities of application of our products, and we are here for all your questions and suggestions.

Whether in the form of rice, rings or balls or as flours and sprinkles, these products find their way of use in various kinds of food industry.

Benefit – Extruded cereals.

Confectionery industry

Crispy products in the form of balls, rice, rings in different sizes, with ingredients suitable for use in different products:

Muesli bar, with exceptional fat’s stability that gives crispy taste in cream, irresistible crunchy texture of chocolate and …

It can be placed on top of cakes as a decoration and make a unique look, and adding to the cream layer also improves the texture and quality of that layer.

Muesli, muesli rich in proteins

An excellent raw material for the production of different muesli mixtures where you can create various combinations of shapes, tastes and compositions …

It can be used as a sprinkle on chocolate products (wafers, bars …)

Instant porridges

As good absorber of water, milk or yogurt our extruded flour can be ideal raw material for the production of instant porridge, and it is difficult to describe how full, creamy taste that both, extruded flour and crispy give to porridge.


Adding to the biscuit’s dough, the shape and taste of biscuits are improved, and cookies are more voluminous.

We are able to produce crispy by different ingredients:

  • wheat
  • rice
  • corn
  • rye
  • spelta

with the addition of:

  • sugar
  • cocoa
  • fibers
  • proteins
  • vitamins and minerals.

We can all of this, or we can produce a new product with Your cooperation, or by Your order.


We can say with certainty, in this part of industry, our brand name “Benefit” is completely justified.Some of the benefits of using it in the bakery industry:

  • improving the specific color of the finished product
  • specific cereals smell
  • increased water absorption power
  • creating your own product.

We are able to offer a wide range of both extruded flours and various extruded sprinkles for use in mixing or as decoration.

Exceptional results are obtained in the production of breads as well as with all kinds of pastries and pies.

Also, we must point out the exceptional color, aroma and extended freshness of the product.

There is an exceptional stability in production, regardless whether those are fresh products, products with extended freshness, long lasting, semi-baked or frozen products. Equally good results are in all types of production.

The main advantage is the reduction of production costs, as well as possibility of creating your own product.

  • Corn sprinkle (corn semolina)
  • Extruded corn flour (corn semolina)
  • Integral extruded corn flour
  • Wholegrain extruded corn flour + dextrose (wholegrain corn (90%) + dextrose (10%))
  • Wholegrain extruded rye flour IWholegrain extruded rye – sprinkle
  • Wholegrain extruded barley flour
  • Wholegrain buckwheat flour
  • Wholegrain buckwheat sprinkle
  • Wholegrain extruded spelt flour
  • Extruded spelt flour (smooth spelt flour)
  • Extruded spelt sprinkle (whole grain spelt)
  • Extruded wholewheat flour (wholewheat)
  • Extruded wheat flakes (wheat flakes)
  • Extruded smooth corn flour (corn flour without sprouts)

We are at your service to produce your own blend of extruded cereals, at your request. If necessary, we are here to help you with recipe.

Other raw materials can be added to the blend: wheat gluten, sourdough, vitamins…


This can be classified as a special part of industry – sweets confectionery (cake production, cakes for celebrations …), and in the frozen sweets confectionery industry (production of frozen cakes, frozen cakes …)

Benefit crispy can be added both in a cream itself and also when decorating products.

We would like to recommend:

  • Classic crispy balls
  • Chocolate crispy balls
  • Crispy rice classic
  • Crispy rice choco
  • Crispy choco sprinkle.

It is important to say that the products are suitable for use as a raw material in the production of ice cream.

Consuming ice cream with the additional ingredients of Crispy raw materials (whether as an ingredient, addition or decoration) brings to you unique blend and texture.


Carefully selected raw materials by our processing make the possibility of using our Crispy as an ingredient of ice cream (frost-resistant and steadily) or as a decoration, sprinkle, additive.

We leave it to your imagination to choose the shapes and flavors.

Our proven advice is:

  • Crispy balls classic
  • Crispy chocolate balls
  • Crispy rice classic
  • Crispy rice choco
  • Crispy sprinkle choco
  • Crispy ring classic
  • Crispy choco ring.

HORECA program

The HORECA program could include everything already listed and much more. We will try to present you some possibilities of using Benefit Crispy as well as extruded sprinkles.

Sprinkles (corn, rye, buckwheat, spelt,) make excellent crunchy results when breading (meat, cheese, vegetables …).

Extruded corn flour makes excellent results in instant preparation of corn-based dishes without heat treatment (porridge …)

Crispy rings, balls and rice are an indispensable (mandatory) part of breakfast in hotels.

Sprinkles, decorations, cake toppings, ice cream:

  • Crispy balls classic
  • Crispy chocolate balls
  • Crispy rice classic
  • Crispy rice choco
  • Crispy sprinkle choco
  • Crispy ring classic
  • Crispy choco ring.

All products can also be produced as PL.