We will list only few possibilities of application of our products, and we are here for all your questions and suggestions.

Sweets confectionery

This can be classified as a special part of industry – sweets confectionery (cake production, cakes for celebrations …), and in the frozen sweets confectionery industry (production of frozen cakes, frozen cakes …)

Benefit crispy can be added both in a cream itself and also when decorating products.

We would like to recommend:

  • Classic crispy balls
  • Chocolate crispy balls
  • Crispy rice classic
  • Crispy rice choco
  • Crispy choco sprinkle.

It is important to say that the products are suitable for use as a raw material in the production of ice cream.

Consuming ice cream with the additional ingredients of Crispy raw materials (whether as an ingredient, addition or decoration) brings to you unique blend and texture.