Many years of experience in a food production has created the Benefit brand (trade mark), which includes extruded cereals. Suitable for:


Crispy products in the form of balls, rice, rings in different sizes, with ingredients suitable for use in different products...


We can say with certainty, in this part of industry, our brand name "Benefit" is completely justified. Just contact us....


This can be classified as a special part of industry - sweets confectionery (cake production, cakes for celebrations ...)


The HORECA program could include everything already listed and much more. We will try to present you some...

It can be used as a sprinkle on chocolate products (wafers, bars …)

Muesli bar, with exceptional fat’s stability that gives crispy taste in cream, irresistible crunchy texture of chocolate and …

Muesli rich in proteins

BeneFit FOR YOU Mix

Crispy delicious snack 500g 

BeneFit FOR YOU Cocoa

Crispy delicious snack 500g 

BeneFit FOR YOU Classic

Crispy delicious snack 500g 

An excellent raw material for the production of different muesli mixtures where you can create various combinations of shapes, tastes and compositions …

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