We will list only few possibilities of application of our products, and we are here for all your questions and suggestions.

Confectionery industry.

Crispy products in the form of balls, rice, rings in different sizes, with ingredients suitable for use in different products:

Muesli bar, with exceptional fat’s stability that gives crispy taste in cream, irresistible crunchy texture of chocolate and …

It can be placed on top of cakes as a decoration and make a unique look, and adding to the cream layer also improves the texture and quality of that layer.

Muesli, muesli rich in proteins

An excellent raw material for the production of different muesli mixtures where you can create various combinations of shapes, tastes and compositions …

It can be used as a sprinkle on chocolate products (wafers, bars …)

Instant porridges

As good absorber of water, milk or yogurt our extruded flour can be ideal raw material for the production of instant porridge, and it is difficult to describe how full, creamy taste that both, extruded flour and crispy give to porridge.


Adding to the biscuit’s dough, the shape and taste of biscuits are improved, and cookies are more voluminous.

We are able to produce crispy by different ingredients:

  • wheat
  • rice
  • corn
  • rye
  • spelta

with the addition of:

  • sugar
  • cocoa
  • fibers
  • proteins
  • vitamins and minerals.

We can all of this, or we can produce a new product with Your cooperation, or by Your order.