We will list only few possibilities of application of our products, and we are here for all your questions and suggestions.

Horeca program

The HORECA program could include everything already listed and much more. We will try to present you some possibilities of using Benefit Crispy as well as extruded sprinkles.

Sprinkles (corn, rye, buckwheat, spelt,) make excellent crunchy results when breading (meat, cheese, vegetables …).

Extruded corn flour makes excellent results in instant preparation of corn-based dishes without heat treatment (porridge …)

Crispy rings, balls and rice are an indispensable (mandatory) part of breakfast in hotels.

Sprinkles, decorations, cake toppings, ice cream:

  • Crispy balls classic
  • Crispy chocolate balls
  • Crispy rice classic
  • Crispy rice choco
  • Crispy sprinkle choco
  • Crispy ring classic
  • Crispy choco ring.

All products can also be produced as PL.